Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hiking at Mt Diablo

These pictures were taken mid-February when we went hiking. That was the best time to hike to Mt. Diablo to see waterfalls because we just had a few dry days after a few very rainy weeks.

Budding spring

I thought this tree is very interesting!

The trunk and branches look like they are perfectly lacquered for a piece of art deco furniture

I respect the determination of this tree to live on.
The tree is hollow as seen below

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 14 (Aug20): Olympic National Park Part I

Olympic National Park is one of the most beautiful place I have been to on earth. You will see why in the post below and the one after.

View from the peak of Hurricane Ridge (5,242 feet/1,599 meters)

We could see Victoria Island of Canada from the peak!

After taking in the amazing view, enjoyed the variety of wildlife and plants along the hike, we headed back down this way

Beautiful blue sky

Beach #2

These pictures are taken just a couple hours after those above at Hurricane Ridge. Olympic has its micro climate (which makes it so special and unique) that it's nice and sunny on one side and foggy along the coast.

Hole-In-The-Wall, which I believe behind that wall with a hole is where the campground is

What is he looking at?

Starfish clinging on

Tidal pools where these beautiful starfish, mussels, barnacles and anemone thrives in


Watch these neat 'lil creatures

Notice the polished heart shape stone?

Driftwoods we hiked over to get to the beach and back into the forest

The owls begin to howl

Interesting double armed tree


Rialto Beach

Someone left this behind...

As you can see, Olympic National Park is for you can access mountains, glaciers, coasts with tide pools, and coastal forest, rainforest all within the 100-mile road that runs around the north and west side of the park. We will head to the Hoh River Rainforest and Ruby Beach in the next post.

What to eat: Smoked salmon and chanterelle mushroom soup
I had the best bowl of chanterelle mushroom soup ever in my life over dinner the night before at Port Angeles. I was told that the locals pick the mushrooms in the forest and sell them to the restaurant for $5/lb!!! That is a small fraction is what I would pay to the farmers in New York. I still miss the mushroom soup today...

For more information about the park: