Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tongli Watertown

Tongli Watertown - a UNESCO heritage

It's nice, but it's now a tourist town. I wouldn't recommend visiting. Yet we had a good time walking around and visiting this rice wine in bamboo distillery owned by a fellow with the same last name "Chen"...but if you know Mandarin, you may be familiar with the idiom "Chen Li Man Tian Xia" (Chen's and Li's are everywhere in the world)


Humble Administrator's Garden

A pair of mandarin - symbol of longevity in love
Rooftop cleaning

Bei Ta Bao En Temple (North Pagoda Temple)

Where people live

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tea at Longjin Village

Longjin Tea Plantation

Top left is the home of the tea farmer...Quite a luxury. If I were to live here, I would prefer a small simple hut over those "bungalows" that look out of place in the beautiful peaceful tea garden.

Longjin tea

The family in the tea plantation
Our encounters on our walk to the tea plantation from the village where we get dropped off