Sunday, March 21, 2010

First CD release by Brains!

First album by Brains!
Mixed, mastered and artwork by Accurate Recording (

Brains will be on tour with Jacob Zimmerman performing on
Tuesday (March 23)
at 8pm
at The Wail, 5135 N.E. 42nd Avenue Portland, OR


Thursday (March 25)
at 8pm
at 1412 Gallery, 1412 18th street, Seattle, WA

Listen to Brains at
or follow them on

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sep 2009: Our first month in the Bay Area

Fresh Durian!

We never see fresh durian in the store in New York before, not those frozen ones, so we bought one although the price is multiple times the regular frozen ones.


Kite Festival at Ft Mason

Bouncing kites

Brunch at Georgina in Gourmet Getto, Berkeley

A night out with Danes

They are serious about table football!

Day 17 (Aug23): Last day on the road...

The view from the resort (Castaway by the Sea) we stayed on our last night on the road in Port Orford

I can't believe we are on the west coast!
I'm a 'lil sad that our road trip is almost over
I'm anxious to see how life turns out in the Bay Area
And I'm excited about the next chapter of life...

Roses for mom

The beach is so beautiful I wished I could stay for another day but Chris's class starts the day after so we have to get to Oakland by tonight...back on the road...

We stopped at this town for coffee but I can't remember where that was

Windy beach

After 5,000 miles, scaling as high as 10,000 feet through many mountains, highways and country road, we are a few hours away from our new home...California

Day 16 (Aug 22): Pacific Coastal Highway

Before we set off on the road trip, we heard the discussion on the radio about Pacific Coast Highway and Great Ocean Road, debating which is better. Now that I have seen both, I still can't decide on which is better. PCH covers more grounds I believe and has lots to see along the way including these haystack rocks, dunes and forests,while Great Ocean Road has the undeniably beautiful apostles, wild nature and many cute towns.

If you look closer, you'll see a couple strolling on the beach

We met a very nice old couple while we were taking in this view. They look like they were in their 50s the most, but to my surprise, they were in their 80s! The man is/was a professor at U of Oregon and an entrepreneur. Their secret to the health is...hike, see places, enjoy life and be happy. We chatted for a good half hour and I wish I could hear more about their travels but I made Chris stopped so much earlier in the morning that we were already behind schedule by then. So we went on to check out what we read about...

The Octopus Tree!

Yes, they all come out from one root

Surfers' paradise

Heavy metal blasting from car speakers, young people partying...I'm too old for this crowd :) If we drive by here again in the future, I will run (or roll) down that dune on the far right.

I wonder if their friends at Fishermen Wharfs join them here, or if they have left to go further north too

The driver enjoying his cup of espresso

The road we will take in a few minutes

I was so tired by then I could barely make it up the steep slope so Chris ran up to check out if the view is worth seeing and ran back down to hike up with me again. I'm glad I continued up.

A little stone house on top of the hill.

I think this is Coos Bay

Sealions sun-bathing and gulls chilling to the sound of crashing waves

What a beautiful day

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 15 (Aug21): Olympic National Park Part II

Hoh Rain Forest - One of the few temperate rainforests in the world. The other few are in Chile, New Zealand, Australia and maybe Japan

This forest makes me feel so small...

We have lots to learn from these trees...

They have been standing here since before Christopher Columbus was born, before this land was "found" and before any of our great great grandparents were born. They share, they live and re-live through the younger ones growing on their decaying body.

I can crawl under!

I ducked my head in there to look at the mushrooms growing under the root. Wonder why the root looks like that?

Fallen decaying trunks called nurse logs are good fertile beds for seedlings to grow. As the small trees grow, their roots grow larger than the decaying log they were on. When the nurse log is finally rotten through one day, they leave behind the mold of their past on the roots.

This is a good picture to show a row of trees that grew on top of one fallen trunk that is now almost rotten through

They used to look like this, many young small trees growing on a nurse log that will decay over its slow death over the next century before they look like those who came before them in the pictures above

Lots of mushrooms!
The clouds going east from the Pacific are blocked by the mountains (a few which you saw in the previous post) making this valley the most rained with about 12-14 feet of rain every year. The forest is so moist that mosses, ferns and lichens grow everywhere, hanging from the trees like a fur coat.

What is it about this place that makes it so unique?

Two huge fallen trees

A very fertile creek

Chris took many great pictures on this trip so credit for the photos goes to him too

Hello...I need a hairstylist

Ruby Beach

I love my camera too much to have it out in the rain for too long so we decided to get on the road to start our drive south along Pacific Coastal Highway...

I'm sorry officer...
Less than a minute after we switched driver (From Chris to me), I was pulled over for going 50 mph in a small town in south Washington, not long before we crossed to Astoria in Oregon. According to the police officer, there is a sign somewhere (hidden) with a 35 mph sign. That's how the town makes money!