Saturday, July 25, 2009

Louisville, KY

We went to Louisville last week to meet Dax (lead singer in WYIE, the rock band Chris was with when we were in NY) who was in town from NY and Eric (Chris' childhood friend) whom he just reconnected again after 10 plus years.

We had lunch at Proof, the restaurant in 21c museum hotel (  These are the art pieces in the restaurant.  The lobby and conference rooms of the hotel also serve as a gallery/museum.  Or rather, you can say that the hotel lobby and meeting rooms are in the museum.

Honey lavender, peach sorbet and raspberry ice-cream
I had steak and eggs before dessert but was too hungry to take a picture before we started eating.  Chris thinks their steak is one of the best he has had.

The hotel lobby/gallery

The Titanic: the video on the big screen is the live shot of the camera going around the wavy edges of the model.  The model ship is still but the camera around the edges create this turbulent view of the Titanic.

These are pictures of kids around the world taken after 24 hours of computer games. Not pretty.

More art pieces among portraits of Obama and McCain

This is what you see outside the women's restroom

This is what you see from inside the women's restroom

This is me taking a picture of the one-way window of the men's restroom.  In other words, this is what the guys would see if they were standing by the urinals.

We stopped by Mom's music store on the way to meet Eric

a $270 toilet seat

What a beautiful day with good old friends over cups of tea and chocolates

Steve Snyder's Trio at Natasha's

Steve Snyder - organ
Glenn Ginn - guitar
Jason Tiemann - drums

According to Glenn, they were assessing the risks and rewards

Chris was recording the trio earlier this week.  Chris knew Jason from a long time ago when he took drums lesson from Jason when he was a kid.
The trio sounds AMAZING!  They are so good Chris is going to put a few songs up as samples of his recording on his website.  You can hear them at  

Hmm...sounds good


Let's see what the turkish coffee fortune says...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nashville - The Music City

Nasville is an amazing town with great live music, art and food. 

Blue Bird Cafe
A wooden plate above the door says 
"The best songwriters in the world pass through this door" 
We cannot argue against that.
Lunch at Edgeville

A surprised find, we were walking back from lunch and saw this shop music shop with music rooms for lessons in Edgeville
This beautiful banjo/guitar looking instrument is ornamented with mother of pearls at the back 

This string instrument is made out of a cigar box by a local craftsman

The Parthenon in Centennial Park
The replica was built in 1897 for Nashville's Centennial Exposition to celebrate the city's 100 years of statehood.  The people liked it so much that they wanted to keep the replica so it stood there in plaster for 23 years.  In wasn't until 1931 that the city reconstructed the Parthenon using permanent materials later, which now houses an art museum.  This is the only full-size replica of Parthenon in the world.
Like its predecessor in Greece, the Parthenon in Nashville faces east. In antiquity this would allow light to come into the building as the sun came up and the doors were opened.

Music Row

The July 4th fireworks started earlier to beat the storm that was heading east toward the city. During dinner, Chris was just saying that we might end up watching the fireworks from the restaurant because if it rains we have a place to run to for shelter. True enough, almost within seconds from the start of the fireworks, it starts pouring. This picture and video below are taken by Chris under an umbrella under a narrow shelter from the building where we just had our dinner. 
It was the most fun fireworks display I have seen mainly because of the chaos around us, people running about trying to find shelter, enjoying the rain, sirens, honks and thunder on top of the fireworks. you can see how strong the wind is that the fireworks were moving sideways! You can't beat nature. 

Mural outside Merchant, the restaurant we had dinner before the fireworks
This is a city with high rise among historic buildings and music related statues.  They have these boxes with speakers inside them at most of the crosswalks downtown so you can enjoy the songs playing from that box while you are walking on the street.
Country Music Hall of Fame
Treble clefs outside Schermerhorn Symphony Hall
A book store on Hillsboro Pike.  They have a wide variety of collection.  I picked up a travelogue and a historical and cultural book on Malaysia written in the 1940s here.