Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hang Zhou - West Lake etc.

West Lake - a beautiful attraction visited by millions including royalties, poets, artists and Marco Polo since centuries ago

Yue Fei Temple

Square bamboo!
Square bamboo garden in Dragon Cave, behind Yue Fei Temple

Dried lotus pond

Contrast of real-life vs. the beautiful nature and rich culture
Where we hang out in at night in Hangzhou
Waste no time


Yuyuan Garden

Lots of construction going on getting ready for Shanghai Expo

Chris took most of the pictures in this blog as I was down with a slight fever in the hotel. A month of running around preparing for the wedding finally got me. The bitter cold winter in Shanghai doesn't help either.

For sale

Nanjing Road

Street actions in French Concession

I like this picture for the person crossing at the median

Two weeks of good food

We went to the one near Nanjing Road on the first day we arrived. We were just walking around when we saw this branch. We went to the one at Cheng Huang Miao the day before we left Shanghai two weeks after.
Jelly fish

Fava beans and tofu

Xiao Long Bao

The last time we ate there was so good that we went back to Din Tai Fung again for the second time before Chris' parents leave Shanghai

We stayed in Shanghai for another week and guess what...the last day before we leave, we thought we'd use the discount coupon we got the last time and had our 3rd dinner at Din Tai Fung in 2 weeks before we part ways

A bigger version of Xiao Long Bao at Cheng Huang Miao

Sichuan hot pot
Fresh made noodles

Soup desert

Sliced pork wrap

Lycee & cucumber

duck and chives at Long Jin Village

West Lake fish by West Lake, Hangzhou

On our way to look for De Yue Lou in Hangzhou, we saw rows of KFC's sign so I couldn't help but stop to take this picture
This is what you see once you enter De Yue Lou
We enjoyed the dinner so much that I forgot to take pictures of the food

Back in Shanghai
Dining with the view of The Bund

Little Sheep Hot Pot just outside Shanghai with family friends. The satay/kebab is so good!

We spent the last week in Shanghai just walking the streets. We got tired after a bookstore that we went in to this lil cafe and had this humongous toast!

One our way to Fujian Lu for Chris to visit more musical instrument shops, my parents stopped by for some snacks for our stroll.

One our way from LuXun's garden and museum, we saw this packed shop with xiao long bao

The line was out the door

Mummy waiting to pick up our order...try not to look at the kitchen or the dishes. The way they handle good and dishes make it very un-appetizing. But we were all fine after that meal. :)

One of the best and definitely the cheapest xiao long bao we've had

And this is where we had one of the most juicy tasty bao ("buns"). We had to wait in the line for about 20 mins, got others cut in front of us a couple times, and finally managed to get a few bao's for everyone. Our local friend took us here. It's a little ways from downtown Shanghai and is said to be the best yang zhou tang bao in the area.