Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in Shanghai

Park Hyatt Shanghai

The lounge in this tallest building in Shanghai gives a breathtaking view of the Bund

We did everything from the really touristy visits....and also some local hang out, dining and just simply enjoy the strolls around town.

Constructions everywhere getting ready for the Expo

LuXun Museum - his book covers span across walls

A very active and crazy park - Groups mid to late age dancing, performing, as others watch on, another group gather around another orchestra performing at another side of the park, while you have groups playing badminton, practicing taichi, and other families just going about their own businesses.

My lovely parents
Museum of Modern Art - terribly disappointing. It's pretty much exhibits taking up half the ground floor, that's it!

We continued on to the streets where the writers all used to live

Back in Shanghai, a wide variety of seafood sold on the street...

A musician never stop seeking for music and his tools. We spent a day at ZhiYin. Chris bought a few sets of cymbals made just outside Shanghai distributed solely through ZhiYin only. If you are interested, contact us. They ARE for sale.

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