Saturday, July 25, 2009

Louisville, KY

We went to Louisville last week to meet Dax (lead singer in WYIE, the rock band Chris was with when we were in NY) who was in town from NY and Eric (Chris' childhood friend) whom he just reconnected again after 10 plus years.

We had lunch at Proof, the restaurant in 21c museum hotel (  These are the art pieces in the restaurant.  The lobby and conference rooms of the hotel also serve as a gallery/museum.  Or rather, you can say that the hotel lobby and meeting rooms are in the museum.

Honey lavender, peach sorbet and raspberry ice-cream
I had steak and eggs before dessert but was too hungry to take a picture before we started eating.  Chris thinks their steak is one of the best he has had.

The hotel lobby/gallery

The Titanic: the video on the big screen is the live shot of the camera going around the wavy edges of the model.  The model ship is still but the camera around the edges create this turbulent view of the Titanic.

These are pictures of kids around the world taken after 24 hours of computer games. Not pretty.

More art pieces among portraits of Obama and McCain

This is what you see outside the women's restroom

This is what you see from inside the women's restroom

This is me taking a picture of the one-way window of the men's restroom.  In other words, this is what the guys would see if they were standing by the urinals.

We stopped by Mom's music store on the way to meet Eric

a $270 toilet seat

What a beautiful day with good old friends over cups of tea and chocolates