Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 17 (Aug23): Last day on the road...

The view from the resort (Castaway by the Sea) we stayed on our last night on the road in Port Orford

I can't believe we are on the west coast!
I'm a 'lil sad that our road trip is almost over
I'm anxious to see how life turns out in the Bay Area
And I'm excited about the next chapter of life...

Roses for mom

The beach is so beautiful I wished I could stay for another day but Chris's class starts the day after so we have to get to Oakland by tonight...back on the road...

We stopped at this town for coffee but I can't remember where that was

Windy beach

After 5,000 miles, scaling as high as 10,000 feet through many mountains, highways and country road, we are a few hours away from our new home...California