Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 10 (Aug 16): Glacier National Park II

A beautiful hike along Avalanche Creek to Avalanche Lake

You can see the multiple streams feeding the lake which are created as the glaciers above melt during the summer.

We stopped for lunch by the lake side

Huckleberry - I had this in my salad dressing the night before and was wondering what it looks like. Here it is!

On our way back, we saw a big pile of animal waste with lots of berries in it. We thought it's likely from a bear so we hurried out from the thick woods.

It was raining on-and-off all day so we decided to head out of the park after the hike for a relaxing Mexican dinner. At this point of the trip, we have been eating only local food (aka bison, elk, steak) so we are craving something different. After dinner, we were treated with the sight of a FULL rainbow and a double rainbow on one side.