Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 1 (Aug 7): Lexington-Chicago

After packing the car up to the brim, we set off on the road.  Mum has packed us lunch that will last us 3 days!  I'm glad the cooler did its job and we had good kalbanosy still by the time we get to the Badlands.

Traffic getting in to the city in Chicago is still bad like Chris used to recall during his college days.  He has been telling me so much about this fruit juice bubble tea place for years so we thought instead of waiting in traffic, might as well detour to Chinatown to Joy Yee Noodle Shop.  Yes, it is a noodle shop but it's popular for its fruit juice and bubble tea.  

We had 1) avocado + cantaloupe + bubbles and 2) mango + papaya + bubbles.  Chris came up with that.  Avacado + cantaloupe is his favorite after trying different concoction every time he came here during his college days.  And it is delicious!  I know...avocado and cantaloupe?  mixed?  yes.  The girl making the juice asked me twice if I meant I want to have half avocado and half cantaloupe in my bubble juice shake.  She asked us how it tastes like after we tried it because she has never had it nor heard of anyone making it that way.  Chris said if you stick to just one juice, it's very good!  (Switching between avocado+cantaloupe and then the mango+papaya changes the taste buds.)  Then I said, just like sticking to one wife. :)

We get back on to the traffic to Lizzie's apartment.  She kindly host us for our first night of road trip!  Her apartment is right above a bar in Old Town, very nice spacious apartment with some character.  Dinner at A La Turka Turkish Kitchen.  Chris remembers going to a good Turkish restaurant in that area but has not idea what it's called.  So Lizzie called a couple friends and they guessed it must be this restaurant.  What we didn't know is that the have belly dancers every Friday night!  We did not realize that until when Lizzie's friend noticed the $21 entertainment charge! :)  Dinner was great with wonderful company.  I saw Selena, after years since we were both in BU, and Joyi and her fiance.  I haven't seen Joyi for easily over a decade.  We used to hang out in the weekends when we were kids, like young kids.  

We were all too tired to go to Green Mill so Lizzie took us to a live music bar.  The music is ok but the woman vocalist is rather bad, so we had a drink and head to another bar, and Lizzie said we have to see this other bar before we go.  

Old Town Ale House
It looks like a normal bar when you first walked in but not until when you noticed the paintings on the wall.  Along the bar are nude paintings of celebrities caught in recent news (Spitzer, Gov. Sanford, Palin etc.) and the other side of the wall hangs paintings of frequent customers.  Among the paintings is a normal picture of Obama with the owner.