Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 2 (Aug 8): To Madison, Wisconsin through Minnesota to South Dakota

We stopped by Madison for lunch and to see Donnie (my college friend from freshmen year).  He's a noble for quitting his job as an actuary to teach math to help public schools in Milwaukee.  He has told us about the farmers' market and apparently this is the biggest real market (produce directly from farmers) in the country!   This is quite a nice town where University of Wisconsin-Madison is at.  The capitol building is next to the campus with two lakes on both sides of the campus.
Farmers' market around the state capitol

Chris and Donnie chilling while I take more pictures.  Chris has two bags of cherries (a bag of sweet and a bag of sour cherries) we bought from the farmers before lunch.  Speaking of lunch, we went to Dotty Dumpling's for lunch.  It's a burger house, not a dumplings joint.  I had a burger with sauerkraut (which both of them think is disgusting) but I think it's absolutely delicious.  Chris and Donnie had buffalo burger (first of the many on the road).  It's advertised as the best in Madison and I have to agree that this is probably one of the best I've had.

Sour cherries.  They're more flavorful than sweet cherries.

After a great afternoon with Donnie in Madison, we head on the road toward Worthington, where the hotel we're going to stay is at.  

We had our picnic dinner along the Mississippi River with more remaining ham and kalbanosy, cucumber and tomatoes.  We can't pick a better picnic spot. We saw a bald eagle, a couple ospreys and beautiful skies. The river does make me feel a little small petite in the midst of this great nature.  This is the narrow part of the river after the dam.  The other side of the dam is one of the meeting points of a few rivers and it's beautiful.  We were driving so I don't have a picture of that.  There was a sign that says scenic turnout but we couldn't see the scenery at that point where the sign was and we thought we saw enough when we were picnic-ing.  The view is even more amazing on the other side.  So now we know when we see sign that says scenic lookout, we should stop.