Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 7 (Aug 13): Grand Teton

Sunset of Grand Teton

At the start of our hike up Mount Signal

Maybe it's still early. We didn't see any other hikers and the guide book says this is a bear area. So we had to make noise as we turn corners, talk really loud (which is good for learning Polish and Hokkien). Chris has hung a string of harmonizing Indian bells he found in a hippie store back in Lexington to serve as bear bells. I have lots of comments from other hikers later on that they love the bear bells (bells to tell the bears that we are passing through). We also had our hiking stick and bear sprays handy just in case we surprised a bear. We didn't even have sunscreen on because the smell may confuse the bear for the smell of food. But as we get close to the peak, we smell bear, it's a strong smell so it has to come from a big animal. We weren't sure if it is a bear or other animals around the corner so we turn around and walk real fast down the mountain. We were close enough to the peak I guess and had the pictures below along our hike up.

The view of three peaks

After running down half the mountain, we treat ourselves to lunch by the lake. I had elk chili because I've never had it before and it's good! Elk is one of the healthiest meat, healthier than bison, and bison is healthier than beef. After a good meal, we head out on a boat across Jenny Lake for more hiking. Below are the views along the hike to Hidden Galls, Inspiration Point and Canyon Trail.

Us at Hidden Falls

Us at Inspiration Point

Bald Eagle

Moving picture

Waiting for sunset by Jenny Lake

Us at Jenny Lake

Colter Bay

Grand Teton is amazingly beautiful. We were hungry and cold by sunset but Chris put up with me hunting for a good view point for more pictures. These pictures above make it all worth the while.

Roaming elk

Last peek of the sun before it sets behind the mountain

Beautiful curvature

We stayed at Grand Teton Lodge at Colter Bay. This lodge was originally built in the 1930's for Moran south of where this lodge is now. The lodge was moved to its current location in 1956 when Moran was demolished. It rained the second night we stayed there and it sounded like pebbles dropping on the roof. We stayed awake for a while until the rain subsided. The lodge is nice but for many reasons, never stay there. If you want to know more, ask me later on. Long story short, the key broke in the lock, front desk is useless, and we were left waiting outside in the dark for many hours. The good thing is that we get to enjoy the stars. The bad thing is you never know when a coyote or a bear may attack. :)

Foot print left behind by a coyote or some sort of mountain cat on our car. There is another print of the right leg on the other side.