Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 6 (Aug 12): Yellowstone

Everywhere we have been to on this trip is so unique, especially Yellowstone

Old Faithful

The Obama chopper on the left.  The President is at Yellowstone the same time we were after his healthcare speech nearby in Wyoming.

Next 3 pictures are different shots of Doublet Pool

Many geysers, springs and pools in the Upper Geyser Basin below

Castle Geyser (above and below)

Anemone Geyser
 I find this geyser interesting when it's draining, making a gurgling sound like toilet flush.  I have cut the early and middle part of the video to show the geyser and the end when the water drains back into the vent.  Kids next to us were laughing, joking that this should be named toilet geyser.

Daisy Geyser
A group waiting for this geyser left about 15 minutes before this geyser went off.  We saw the springs around were bubbling and looks like it's going to erupt soon so we decided to wait.  I can't believe the earth just made this great art work of geyser and we are the two of the three around to witness this.  The geyser went on for a good 5 minutes.  I can't tell how high the geyser went but the guidebook says it usually erupts at an angle to a height of 75 feet (23 meters).

Steam everywhere along the river

Morning Glory Pool

Swan crossing

Stand by me

Clouds skirting the tree

Prismatic Spring and Excelsoir Geyser

Chris' art of photography.  Exposure is stopped down to achieve this dreamy look under bright daylight.

Prismatic Spring

Excelsoir Geyser